You Don't Know JS: Up&Going (K. Simpson)

The Up&Going is the first book in the series of six written by Kyle Simpson, an open-web evangelist, teacher and a javascript enthusiast. The series is called You Don’t Know JS and the main reason why Simpson has put his efforts into writing it is to help developers getting a complete apprehension of the most popular language of the web.

The author wants to address the fact that lots of developers use Javascript without fully understanding it, especially its trickier parts. The lack of understanding results in a lack of appreciation, avoidance of the more complex aspects of the language and it eventually leads even to distinguishing so called good part and bad parts.

JS: Up&Going - book cover image

The whole series should allow anybody to get familiar with Javascript at all its levels. If not mastering then at least increasing one’s profficiency of Javascript will eventually enable the reader to get more capable also with Javascript frameworks and libraries. The importance of understanding the essentials cannot be emphasized enough, especially when more and more developers are tempted to jump directly to frameworks without knowing the basics thoroughly. Unlike the rest of the series, the first book, Up&Going is definitelly recommendable also to beginners with very limited programming experience. The eighty-page long, or rather short book is divided into three parts.

The first part makes the readers familiar with general building stones of programming, namely expressions, operators, values, variables, blocks, conditions, loops, and functions. In the seconds part Simpson gets javascript-specific and explains values and their types in Javascript, variables, conditionals, functions, the this identifier, and protoypes. At the end of the second part the author also makes the readers aware of new ES6 features and makes it clear that Javascript is a constantly evolving language.

The third part is an overview of the other five books in the You Don’t Know JS series. Each of them is going to be an in-depth look into the individual topics outlined in the second part. The Up&Going title allowed me to consolidate basic JS knowledge from online courses such FreeCodeCamp and get even some theoretical background about the language.

Simpson deserves lot of appreciation because the whole series is fully available for free as e-books and receives constant updates available at author’s Github. Buying a paper copy is thus not only a way to be able to put the book on one’s shelf, but also a way to give the author some financial reward for all his efforts.

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